Global Al uses cutting-edge Big Data Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and advanced Econometric models to produce actionable insights and alternative data for institutional investors. Our Big Data leverages hundreds of thousands of sources in more than 60 languages across 130+ Countries. Our multi-asset coverage includes thousands of Stocks, Fixed-Income, G10 and EM FX pairs, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies. In addition, we offer custom Big Data and Al solutions for institutional investors.

Platform features include on the equity side news sentiment scores for Stocks, Futures and Indexes. This includes daily, weekly, volume, and momentum signals. ESG 2.0 and SDG Equity Scores and Indexes for Alpha, Risk and Materiality analysis based on the SASB approach, Single-stock and Sector screening based on Sentiment, Volatility, ESG and other factors. More than 30 Stock Cross-sectional Anomalies for thousands for Stocks and leading Volatility and Flash Crash signals for Stocks and Futures.

On Macro, FX, Bonds, Commodities our offering comprises News Sentiment Scores for Bonds, FX, Commodities, and Cryptocurrencies. This includes daily, weekly, volume, and momentum signals. SDG Corporate and Sovereign Bond Scores for Alpha, Risk and Materiality analysis and financial Instrument screening based on Sentiment, Volatility, ESG and other factors.




Global AI provides companies with valuable sustainability data, insights and a better understanding of the key influencing factors behind the Global AI’s Benchmarks and Ratings, including:

  • Company AI-driven Sustainability Analysis & Benchmarking

  • Sector / Peer group Sustainability Analysis

  • Gap and Materiality Analysis

  • 24/7 News Monitoring in 60 Languages across 130+ Countries

  • AI-driven dashboard that includes alerts regarding negative news that can impact SDG Benchmarks, Ratings and investor’s perception

  • Priority access to feedback system to clarify negative issues before they impact the SDG Benchmarks and Ratings

  • Track sustainability performance over time with a Scorecard

  • Indicators to measure compliance with the UN Global Compact’s 10 principles, the UNCTAD Global Core Indicators and leading investor-led and Benchmarking initiatives such as the World Benchmarking Alliance.

  • Overview of how the company is perceived by investors in their portfolios from a risk-return-impact perspective and their potential impact on active ownership, cost of debt and capital flows

The AI-driven sustainability and benchmarking analytics are important for multiple reasons, including transparency with stakeholders and investors, brand reputation and consumer loyalty, enhanced risk management and materiality analysis, among others.

Ratings and benchmarks provide an important tool to better inform stakeholders – financial institutions, governments, civil society, employees, among others -, measure, and compare corporate performance against the Sustainable Development Goals and other leading sustainability metrics.



We help Governments and Institutions to measure and score their ESG and U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) footprint and scores, using the most advanced artificial intelligence technologies, machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Governments and Central Banks can quantify and monitor Systemic Risks and other factors that can affect Financial Stability using the most advanced AI, Econometric and Big Data Models. The Global Economic Intelligence Platform is an macro-financial research and monitoring system that generates timely and actionable insights for Governments, Ministries of Finance and Central Banks.

We track, measure and model events across hundreds of categories and over 100 languages using the most advanced AI, Machine Learning and Big Data Models. We enable Governments to identify unforeseen Risks and capitalize on Emerging Opportunities by uncovering new patterns and highlighting events that will likely impact the Country across multiple time horizons.